2. hugepupils:

    my new solo project called BAD IN BED because it’s bad and i made it in bed the songs called meant to be and it’s about when stuffs not meant to be its kinda sad but theres a rippin guitar solo

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  4. infinitydefines asked: favorite ice cream flavor? I'm eating some Friendly's ice cream cake flavored ice cream it's super dope.

    I usually go for Italian ice. like today, I got cherry, and Noah wanted strawberry ice cream with sprinkles on a cone. that was good too. something about dairy and a hot sun is a bummer, I like ice cream when it’s cold. I like milkshakes though. milkshakes are dope. I don’t have a favorite ice cream flavor. I’m a putz.


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  9. faaaaack

    both record stores in town are out of the Pogues with Joe Strummer live RSD release already - if anyone sees one and picks it up for me they’ll be handsomely rewarded



  12. glasspope:

    Pictures I took while recording the I Have Been Floated album over the past few days


  13. Guitar Slinger

  14. atomicaxe:


    MARTIN GT-70 with Bigsby Black 1966

    Martin’s foray into electric guitars…